Day 19 of 100 days of gratitude

Now, let me try to remember what happened on Friday, 6 July 2018.

First half of the day was spent on work as usual. oh, a discussion with an actual direction finally took place. By the time we’re done discussing, it’s already 3:30pm.. 1.5 hours away from weekend. After coordinating with the team and updating one another, we spend the rest of the hour to bond (read: chit chat). 😆

Alice was staying with my mom and dad for the day. Somehow she never seem too excited every time I came back from work to pick her up from their house. Like, ah, here comes no fun 🐒 but of course she would eventually come to me.. when she gets hungry or sleepy. Even that is quite seldom. She prefers to play when she’s not at home. Eventually she’ll get too hangry (hungry angry) or slanky (sleepy cranky) to play and then she’d come to me. Even then she’d try to stay awake while she’s on my breast. Clawing and grabbing my mouth or nose with her hand, hitting my chest, making noises, acting all cute one time and angry another time.

By the way it’s Wednesday today. I’ve drafted this since 2 days ago yet haven’t published it still. Bahahahah. Hoh my gawd I’m so lame at this.

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