Day 15 of 100 days of gratitude

Been bitching a lot lately. It bothers me so much that there’s barely any improvements that happened in these past years. Sometimes I wonder if I should just come forward and say it upfront. But I guess it’s not my place to do so. What to do, what to do. How do I politely say “I think you suck and you don’t seem to even want to try better. Would you mind “?

To be honest, i think the issue might be just me. Coz it’s not an isolated case pertaining to one person. Even with the closest one. I should’ve just say it and face whatever reaction they may have. But oy I’m scared.

Anywaayyyy.. my mom in law was away for family matter, so Alice was with my parents. They tried feeding her coarser solid food, and she LOVED it! 😍 she can even munch on grapes. Hahahaha.. by the end of the day she got more attached to my mom that she even preferred to be carried by my mom than me 🤣 they don’t see each other that often, so I’m super glad they bonded really really well. 😍😍😍

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