Day 14 of 100 days of gratitude

Went to church, as usual. A bit late, as usual.

Have I ever mentioned that Alice is such a good girl at church? She smiles and waves at people sitting close to us and barely ever created a scene. It’s always fun to see her distract other fellows and makes them smile back. Haha.

Went to Fat Pig for the first time. The food was soooo good! Huge sharing portion and super tasty! We took pictures of Alice carrying the 9-months sign here. Haven’t actually seen the results, but I’m pretty sure she looks as cute as ever. HAHA #proudmama

At night, my husband’s aunt visited us so we went out to eat pempek for dinner. (My mom in law is from Palembang. I went from not-even-once-a-year to almost every week eating pempek 🤣 not complaining tho. I quite like it.)

Btw, did you notice that my writing is a mess? It’s all over the place with no particular focus nor order. Lately that’s how my mind is. But yeaaa still gonna write no matter how it turns out.. hopefully I’ll get better. At least mentally. Somehow.

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