Day 13 of 100 days of gratitude

Saturday is a time to sleep, play, sleep. Lol.

Alice tends to wake up late when I’m home (coz I wake up late too, so she sleep again even if she woke up first). And when she’s up, she’s usually fully energized and all smiles. That is until I bathe her. She LOVES to take a bath (read: splashing water), so much that it pisses her if I take her out of the bath tub.

We attended my boss’s wedding with Alice. It’s the first time we’re taking her to a non-relatives’ wedding (so it’s just us three). It’s also the first time for most of my colleagues to see her (some just met them last Friday). Needless to say, she’s quite a people magnet. Her cheeks were touched by countless people, so many of them asked to carry her, which was good, coz only then I got the chance to eat. HAHA.

I think she had fun. A bit cranky, but still adorable xD~

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