On a long break

Sooooo I decided to take social media break. It’s in time for lent as well, although i missed fasting on ash wed and only decided on this yesterday. Haha. 😳

And so I thought, if I wanted to randomly write and keep track of what I was doing, where should i go beside socmed? It then occurred to me that socmed is tooootally the wrong place to do that in the first place. HAHA. I should’ve done it here. On my blog. My e-diary.. where people are not “forced” to see it on their news feed just because we’re “friends”, coz hey, it’s not even news. I’m just gibbering.

*Sorry to anyone who subscribed to this blog for smarter articles, but yea, this kind of random ramblings will happen again. 😝

All these while I was somehow taking my wordpress too seriously; I shouldn’t write anything light on it, I should try to be smart and sophisticated. Anything less than that, things like my daily random thoughts that seems mundane, will be on my Path. But then I stopped writing altogether. 😂  I didn’t quite realise that that’s just the kind of updates that I should’ve just put here. I realised now that segregating the sophistication level of the stuff I write on these medias made me feel pressured. Many, many times I started writing here and never got to finish it because it just seems so.. ordinary.
I also almost turn this post into a forever-draft

So yea, i think the increase in my socmed use played quite a huge part in the inactivity of this blog. So does my procrastinating habit. 😝

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