ice cream!

Okay, this is gonna be a really random and all-over-the-place post.

I’ve been having this craving for ice cream since last night.. no reason, just a strong urge to slurp one. or two. or more.

And, oh,  btw, I lost my BB. Now I have a good reason to be excused from.. well, you know. Mwahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha..  XD

Spreading the news that I’m no longer with my BB is easy with the available socmed sites. The next part, however, isn’t that fun to go through: explaining to people about how I lost it.

It’s like (what looks like a) good clean breakup; you said it’s a mutual no-go, nothing big, just didn’t work out, but also don’t feel like talking about it because (deep deep DEEP down) you realize that eventually it’ll lead up to the rotten facts about you that contributes to the breakup. ;p

— Anyway, now that my BB is gone and my samsung can’t even last for a good 2 hours, I think I need to get a new phone. Since BBM will be available in iOS and Android. — and I was never a fan of BB — I’m definitely not gonna buy it again. Also, I’ve been using Android phone for almost 2 years now, so I’m considering to give iOS a try.

This afternoon, as I browsed through the websites and check the prices, in my head was this:

Hummmmm.. okay, this isn’t so bad, I suppose. Besides, its quality is pretty much guaranteed and proven by many.. maybe it’ll last longer. I can afford it.. and still not starve myself. Hm.

Ice cream.

Hmm. How many ice cream can I get with that much of money?

I can get Wall’s Cornetto for around Rp. 8,000.

The cheapest iPhone 5 here is around Rp. 8,000,000.

So it’s one tho–thatsALOToficecream!

Oh, okay.. maybe I was being too cheap comparing it to an oh-so-common-generic-over-the-minimarket ice cream like that.

Let’s try Haagen Dazs.

The price of one scoop of that heavenly soft bitter-sweet Belgian Dark Chocolate ice…

*a good long pause … lost focus*

*cough cough* (choked on own drool –red.)

*okay, back*

.. one scoop cost around Rp.35,000

errgh.. can anyone get me a calculator? no? fine.

So.. cheapest iphone5 8jt.. one scoop 35rb.. divide.. can get two hu–HOLYCRAPTHATSALOTOFHAAGENDAZSTOSACRIFICE!!!


One thought on “ice cream!

  1. are you giving a hint that you are thinking hhmm, well if an Android Jellybean costs a lot, maybe I should just downgrade to Android IceCream Sandwich?


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