Here I blog again while waiting for my brother to pick me up.. Taking my time, sitting down quietly at one corner, enjoying my frozen yogurt and strawberries.

I don’t know why, but I feel so tired today, and my head is pounding. I wish I can hit the gym, so at least I know my body wore out with a good reason, but I forgot to bring my war pack ><"

It's strange.. because I didn't work today. I was in the office attending an in-house training from 8-5, so will I tomorrow too. It's more to a soft skill training. Personality, personal branding, team work, and such.
Today's topics are interesting and pretty useful, but I think they're rushing things to fit the time so it's really just barely touching the surface. There's no indepth explanations and lack of personal approach to make us actually grab the idea as an individual. Too bad, it could be so much better 😦

well, time for me to go now. Bro's here! I'm goming hooomeee! 😀

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