My condolences for the victims of the war. Tapi udah ya provokasinya. Anyone who do evil don’t get their action justified even if they claim to do it in the name of God. They do not represent their religion nor their God. I don’t think any of us should condemn their religion or their God, […]

Jangan Memilih Jokowi Karena Kill the DJ

Originally posted on Kill the Blog:
Jangan Memilih Jokowi Karena Kill the DJ Akhir-akhir ini banyak pertanyaan dari beberapa penggemar melalui twitter dan facebook, “kenapa mendukung Jokowi?”. Banyak penggemar berharap bahwa sebagai musisi atau seniman seharusnya aku netral. Tentu saja sebagian besar penggemar itu juga “sedulur” dan “bregada” dari Jogja Hip Hop Foundation yang selalu menemani…

It’s my first time walking back from Newtown to Waterloo.. but the path seemed so familiar.. And then i saw this and realized. About this time last year I got lost and stopped at this cafe before a friend came to the rescue. Now I know where I was. View on Path

Drawing lines and picking colors

I’ve been too indecisive lately. Seriously. I guess I got distracted, forgot my initial plan, detoured and, eventually, got lost. And so I’m lost. (ha.. perhaps I should start noting things down again on daily basis to keep this brain working) See, unlike schools I want to attend or places I want to go, I […]

Day 1

I know this is a new year, the first clean sheet out of the 365 that I’m going to write on. I should be opening this up with an enthusiastic and energized mood, but I really can’t. I am trying hard not to complain, but I am still struggling with living in the new place, […]


It’s funny how things unravelled and come to this point. I didn’t see this coming at all. I found the reasons I had been seeking. I can finally let go. I can finally close that long unfinished chapter. I found sisters I never had. I met awesome people who love and care unconditionally. I didn’t […]

Marriage in short

“Marriage is basically: I’m betting half my assets that i will love you forever.” – Sivali W. LOL. I just love the way he puts it! He’s one of my sibling-by-choice. I mentioned him on my previous post too before. We were chatting on skype, talked about the upcoming wedding of one of our friends, […]

Almost a Monthery

*BEWARE! Super long post coming through* Hello! It’s been 3 weeks since my last post.. I seriously have some commitment and discipline issue. –” Ok, I will not be giving excuses this time. I’m just gonna be noting down what I’ve been doing (or what I can manage to remember) in these past weeks. XD~ […]