Hello world

Let’s start the post with a news headline: Christian woman Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, eight months pregnant, sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to convert to Islam Source: http://www.news.com.au/world/christian-woman-meriam-yahia-ibrahim-ishag-eight-months-pregnant-sentenced-to-death-by-hanging-for-refusing-to-convert-to-islam/story-fndir2ev-1226919496629 For five minutes, discard all the religious teachings that you have ever heard. For five minutes, be humble, be selfless, open your mind. I am […]


What’s normal? What’s correct? What’s true? Doesn’t it all seem vague now.. when the normal was rejected because it’s too mainstream, and the anti-mainstream, ironically, becomes mainstream. Now, which is what again? I’m kinda lost at that part. — Rebellion; most people went through that phase. So sick of getting pushed around to do this […]

To my beloved papa & mama

Thank you so much for your struggle and hardwork for the past 24 years and counting. Thank you so much for the neverending support and guidance and lots of lots of love that you have showered me. Especially to my mama, thank you so much for carrying me around in your belly for the 9-10 […]

That Button

I wish there’s a restart button. That sentence have echoed in my head for hundreds of time now. I haven’t been able to really think properly.. my head is so cluttered like a baby’s doodles. I just wanna sit still in a corner and sulk some more. And here I am, sulking, locked myself in […]

ice cream!

Okay, this is gonna be a really random and all-over-the-place post. I’ve been having this craving for ice cream since last night.. no reason, just a strong urge to slurp one. or two. or more. And, oh,  btw, I lost my BB. Now I have a good reason to be excused from.. well, you know. […]

That little voice

Maybe it isn’t real Maybe it’s just a euphoria Maybe it’s just an excitement that one would feel in a summer love. Maybe it won’t last long. Maybe it’s just from the old memories. Maybe I’m just not satisfied because I wasn’t the one who called it off. Maybe I just wanted a payback.. sort […]