My better half

Like in storybooks, I can still remember the day I met him.. And our first date. Well, not with much details, but I remember how happy and excited I was even until the next day, telling my colleagues that I think I’ve found a perfect man. Yep, someone who actually fulfills my ridiculously detailed list […]

So loved

I consider myself lucky to have met him and loved by him. He’s not the most sensitive or attentive man, but when I need him most, say the word and he’s there. He would spare his time just for me, watch movies that I like (yes, so we watch cartoons), eat things that I like […]

Remember remember

They say… Yes, I’m generally happy; I forgive and I forget pretty easily. But it’s twisted, it’s not right and I don’t like it. It’s like.. you can’t remember it, but it did happen. You may be happy for a while, but when it came back at you, it’ll hurt you just as bad as […]

Why Dorothy?

First of all, to all the first-time visitors, you will find this post (and many others before this) being very random and usually not in any way related to one another. Furthermore.. stories behind the individual post are not usually mentioned. Well, in this case, I can tell you.. I put 1+ tablespoon of instant […]

Yo hypo hippies

Oh.. so you’re sad, you’re hurt and you’re still smiling? Is that.. like.. your default face? Why freakin fake it? Squeeze your eyebrows, frown, nag, cry when you feel like it. Talk it out. That’s how you let them know they’ve done you wrong. That’s how you escape getting stepped on repeatedly. If you feel […]


There are questions I asked myself. I have doubts and worries. I have troubles and discomfort. I have my insecurities and I don’t always agree with the people around me. When problems arise, it’s so much easier to walk away. Facing it requires lots of effort.. and even more courage. And that does not even […]