I am so sad.

Back when we were still dating, there were a couple of times where we had arguments and he ended up walking away and leaving me behind. Back then I was so mad at him for doing that. I thought to myself: you can walk away, I can do the same. He returned, usually. He didn’t […]

Cheers to a fruitful 2023

Grateful Yep. Heart is aching in some ways.. but still grateful nevertheless. 2022 was a lot to take in. Parts of it passed just like that amidst my numbness.. even towards the very end. I need to seek help, i guess. But also, there were so much little pockets of joy. every. single. day. The […]

Decisions, decisions

Two weeks ago I had officially resigned from my job. I made the decision to spend more time with the kids and focus mainly on parenting them. There were a lot of questions.. some direct, some through the walls and the winds. Understandably, after my second time there some thought I would stay until retirement. […]

About the pandemic

I’m pretty sure you — whoever you are, reading this barren blog — must be tired of hearing the news already. Another rise, another lockdown. It may seem surreal to us. Part of a conspiracy, or something. But it is real. People died. Families grieved; most of them still do to this very day. Please […]


I can’t really tell what’s the cause.. Is it the maidless situation? Is it the covid vaccine? Is it PMS? Is it the stress of having to think of what to eat everyday now that the caterer is off? Is it stress from work? Is it the stress of caring for unwell cranky baby? Is […]


My older daughter had passed the Cocomelon phase and now on Diana and Roma phase.. but occasionally she still sings some of the songs. Recently it’s The Mommy Song. The full original lyrics goes like this: My Mommy is the best, the best there ever wasMy Mommy is the best, and I love her just […]

Alive, well and grateful.

Turns out covid in my case was more like a week of good rest that I haven’t had in over 3 years :))) My recovery was quite fast; I was officially covid negative 10 days after the first positive PCR. By then I was already able to smell a tiiiiny little bit. I got to […]