About me

Hi! My name is Janice. My fellow Indonesians tend to have a hard time pronouncing or spelling out my name, so a long long time ago i made peace with my name and let it be spelled and pronounced as ‘jénis’, or the alternate spellings. Oh and i’m no expert in dinosaurs. I just think they’re cute (as animations).

A lot of things had happened since I first started this blog back in 2009. I was a university student back then. Took a part-time job, quit, graduated, started my first real job, quit my first real job, traveled abroad, pursued higher education, graduated, got engaged, back to my old job, got married, got pregnant, gave birth to a beautiful baby, returned to work, got pregnant again, gave birth to another beautiful baby.. and here I am now.

I think I kinda lost myself somewhere in the process. Or maybe I’ve changed but I overlooked it.

This is my self-rediscovery journey. Walk with me.

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