Cheers to a fruitful 2023


Yep. Heart is aching in some ways.. but still grateful nevertheless.

2022 was a lot to take in. Parts of it passed just like that amidst my numbness.. even towards the very end. I need to seek help, i guess.

But also, there were so much little pockets of joy. every. single. day. The kids especially, they had given me so much.

This year I’m hoping for a better year all around: fruitful, happy, memorable, beautiful. I hope when I exit the year I’ll be a stronger, happier, kinder, dependable person with no regrets.

I want to live fully and be present every single day. I want to remember. I want to thrive.

So here’s to a fruitful and beautiful 2023. I will hope and I will make it happen

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