Taking care of myself

I’ve stopped breastfeeding since I was covid+ last December. Baby was almost two. Since then I kinda lost my only excuse for not working out and eating a lot. Haha..

Soooo I’ve been working out thrice a week since January. (Got a good deal; $1 for 2 months membership on Sweat app). In general I want to get stronger and have better stamina. In the long run I wanna be a little more flexible too. But for now my goal isn’t that far fetched.. I want to make it a routine first. I want to stick to it. At least thrice a week, commit!

For a start I got a 60k Miniso PVC mat. Honestly I bought this randomly on a flash sale but left it on the corner for months. It’s too thin to support my back, but that’s okay.. towel for extra cushion.

After almost 2 months barefoot, I bought a 135k shoes. My old one gave up after 3 years untouched, and I’m not willing to invest until i’ve proven myself that I can truly commit. Lol. Barefoot ain’t too bad.. it’s just that I had cuts on my thumb from stepping on a staple, and working out barefoot peeled the skin bigger and bigger it freaking hurts 🤣

Progress after 2 months. Well.. my core strength was as strong as a jelly before. Now it’s much stronger. I can withstand planks and half push ups. I haven’t lost weight.. it’s a looong way to go. But i feel stronger and better in general. I’m quite proud of myself. 😌

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