Alive, well and grateful.

Turns out covid in my case was more like a week of good rest that I haven’t had in over 3 years :)))

My recovery was quite fast; I was officially covid negative 10 days after the first positive PCR. By then I was already able to smell a tiiiiny little bit. I got to spend Christmas eve with my family :’)

Thankfully the symtpoms weren’t so bad. The worst part was the sore throat (apparently there’s an ulcer on half of my uvula. Yes, that big.) And anosmia was kind of annoying. Also, I had to take so much meds and vitamins that I need to set a bunch of recurring reminders to make sure I remember to take it all. But other than those.. it was a peaceful period of self healing, mentally and physically.

I am truly grateful for my health. I know this virus can do so so so much worse. A friend lost her husband, another lost her father, a colleague passed away. It has been hard for a lot of people. I did not, I do not and I will not take this pandemic lightly.. and I hope you do too.

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