COVID got me.

1. Where did you got it from?

Long story short: We’re not sure.

I did not travel, I did not go to malls or crowded places. The farthest I’d go is my parents’ house. Which is only about 15 houses away.

2. How did you found out?

Well.. my husband’s colleague tested positive, and my husband got himself tested on Thursday 10 Dec because they worked and had lunch together the Monday before. Friday, 11 Dec, the test came out negative. However, i started feeling chills with slight fever on that same weekend. I took paracetamol but once the effect wore off it went back to 37-38ish. So I got myself tested on Monday afternoon, 14 Dec. It was confirmed to be positive the next morning.

3. How about the rest of the family?

Once we found out I’m covid+, we had everyone in the house tested on that same day (15 Dec). That’s my husband, 2 kids, sis in law, 2 maids and also both my parents because I visited them. Luckily, they’re all negative! We’re still observing, however, because it’s possible that it’s still in incubation period and was thus undetected.

4. What’s your symptoms?

Day 1-2: Fever

Day 3-4: No more fever, slightly runny nose, sore muscles, headache, general flu symptoms. Plus swollen cheeks. Lol. My cheeks are red and thick, sort of like a rash, from wearing mask for two days straight. Possibly due to lack of air circulation and heat.

Day 5: my cheeks returned to normal. Started to have minor sore throat. Near end of the day I noticed I’ve lost my sense of smell completely.

Day 6: (today) Worse sore throat. Still no sense of smell. Very lethargic and sleepy.

5. Do you take any medication?

Yes.. 7 in total including vitamins.

6. Are you hospitalized?

No, I’m self-isolating at home in a separate room from everyone else.

7. How’s the kids?

They are doing well. Thanks to my sis in law who’s been taking such great care of them ❤️ kiddos refused to sleep with their dad. Lol.

And also my two maids! We’re SO LUCKY, SO BLESSED, that we managed to get a new maid end of last month and had the old one return just this monday. Just. In. Time.

8. How are you?

Okay. Except that I’m missing my kids. I can see them from a distant. And video call. But i can’t kiss and hug them. And. That. Just. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Also I rarely talk about this.. but one of the thing that makes me hate this situation is that I have to abruptly stop breastfeeding. Well, she’s almost 2 years old anyway. Yes. But still. 😦

Well.. this is still the sixth day. With all these symptoms I’m still obviously not free from the virus yet. Let’s see if I still want to write about it tomorrow.

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