RIP George Floyd

This is the first video I’ve watched on the death of George Floyd after hearing it so many times. I don’t know him in any way, but it really breaks my heart to see him killed for nothing. He said he couldn’t breathe at least 16 times in 5 minutes but the police officers didn’t listen. This is such a distressing news. T___T

“We found that all four officers committed what experts said was a series of fatal actions. At least three of them were putting pressure on George Floyd’s neck, torso and legs at one point, something that likely compressed his chest and made it hard for him to breath and for blood to reach his brain. They never monitored his health, and none of them decided enough was enough and to stop. They did this even though bystanders repeatedly warned them that Floyd had become unconscious and they were possibly killing him. Floyd himself told officers he couldn’t breath 16 times in 5 minutes.” — Evan Hill, The New York Times

Rest in peace, George Floyd

But I still don’t think the riot that follows the protest is justified though. What’s the looting for??? It makes me mad seeing those irresponsible people taking advantage of the situation. ARGH!

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