Embracing the day

There were days when even carrying out a normal routine was so hard. It’s like a lonely battle, with no one else to help, so you had to drag yourself around and get stuff done.

Sometimes it’s so bad you thought you could breakdown any moment, and you actually look forward to that. Just let me lay down and die, or something. At least that’s a break. That would be great. You need that pause. Or stop. Whichever is available.

You know what, you think too highly of yourself! Everything will be okay. The world will not come tumbling down when you rest. They will manage.

It’s not that you’re not necessary. It would be better if you’re around. And that’s the point. You’re needed for a loooong time. Not just today. At your prime. So survive.. Live long and prosper. Take care of yourself better.

It’s okay to stay still for a bit. That pause you needed, that little rest you long for, it is just a sentence away. You just need to say it. They got your back.

For me, today everything falls into place just right. Everything seems managable. Everything is okay. It’s not perfect, so far from perfect, but it’s okay. It’s lovely this way. God, I’m so grateful. Let it stay this way.

So let me remind myself while I’m here, on a regular so so day, that things will be okay..

I am immensely loved. I am so blessed.

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