Another random stuff

Oh, hi! Hello! I’ve upgraded my website! It’s for.. uh.. no real reason. Huehe. I’m still gonna rant and write random stuff here.. and maybe, hopefully, share something useful in between. BUT this time around I’m just gonna be random.

So, I’ve been working where I’m at now for maybe a little more than 5 years in total. I’ve seen people come and go; colleagues within and outside my department, and even my bosses. I’ve worked under, uh, maybe 5 different superiors (even though I haven’t moved anywhere. Still here. Same position. Same corner. Gotta admit this is my warm little comfort zone).

Why haven’t I moved elsewhere? KARENA AKU GEREGETAN. Gimana yak. People said we shouldnt get emotionally invested in our job, that we should keep moving forward and pursue our career. Honestly, i think the career path is pretty wide open here, but again that’s not my main reason. I think there are lots and lots of things that I can (and need to) improve there. Particularly the data bank. And it annoys me so much that not a lot of people share the same urgency. Most kinda belittled it. It seems trivial, maybe. It seemingly needs almost no thinking. Minimum ‘analytical’ work. ‘Just’ data entry. Well.. uh.. how do i say this..

Mau pake program secanggih apapun kalo databasenya ngga rapi dan ngga update ya tetep aja hasilnya ngga oke, yes?

For the machine to learn, it needs to be taught first.
How are you going to teach the machine if you have no freakin idea how to structure or even read your own data? Hello?

Randomness. End.

It’s just one of those days. I’m pretty sure once i quit my job i’m going to forget all of these right away. But right now i really want to detangle this mess.

No, no. Right now i wanna go back home and cuddle with my babies!! 🥰🥰

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