Aaand its April! Haha! Such a long time without updates. To be honest, I was in such a dark place last year, emotionally. Kinda closed myself and gotten worse. Thankfully I managed to pull it together and get back up.

Well, here are some updates:

  • I gave birth to my second baby earlier this year.. a beautiful chubby little girl. Her name is Aileen! 🙂
  • Travelled abroad with Alice and hubby’s family
  • Lost my mother in law due to sickness 😦
  • Currently on maternity leave
  • Definitely going back to work in a couple of weeks
  • Emotionally much better and at peace.. although having a little toddler and an infant did have some impact. But i’m nowhere near depressed.. i’m pretty chill actually.
  • Physically not so bad after baby no.2.. thankfully healthy and thriving.
  • Breastfeeding and loving it.. aiming to do it for a full year (or two)
  • Considering to do other meaningful things outside of office and home duties.. but yet to figure out what it’s gonna be (please pray for me)
  • In pursuit of the above, I’m trying (again) to update my blog with more meaningful posts. Hopefully something that other people may find useful.. and probably in Indonesian language 🙂

Gonna need to draft something else soon. Throw me some ideas!

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