Day 18 of 100 days of gratitude

By now I’m always late updating this by about 2-3 days. I even wonder if I’m writing for the right day.



This entry is for Thursday, 5 July 2018.

As usual it’s work overtime day. But this time around it’s not for the usual work, coz my weekly meeting prep is done, yet i have to stay for another useless meeting. You see, I wasn’t very happy about it. First, because it’s carried out after office hour with no prior notice. Secondly, because it turned out to be a fruitless discussion although it took more than an hour. Luckily I had to excuse myself after an hour because I have personal engagement outside office.. so that’s an escape.

Seriously, these past few days (or one week or so), work has been such a challenge, emotionally. It drains me so much and I dreaded going to work. I hope this can be resolved soon.

Oh, on a more positive news.. Alice got her hair cut this day! Hahaha.. the first (and last) she got her hair cut was when she turned 1 month old. Been trying to grow it, but her hair didn’t grow uniformly (it’s more like patches of hairs growing however they like)

it’s tidier now, although I think it’s a tad too short (it’s like a boy’s but it’s okay.. gonna grow back soon i believe 😀

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