Day 12 of 100 days of gratitude


My colleagues are so sweet; today we threw a bridal shower for one of our teammates. Brought along some props to decorate her and her desk, and we matched our outfit too. She was unsuspecting and genuinely surprised; so cute. Hahahaha..

Oh, it’s a sad day too. It’s the last day of work of a retiring senior colleague. I remembered him for being very friendly during my first days of work and onwards. He said I looked like his daughter (even though she’s much younger), and he still said that too even today. I can’t say he’s like a father figure, but he’s a really kind person with a big personality. (Writing his down while eating the bread he gave me yesterday. So generous. Lol). In all seriousness though, I wish him all the best for his next chapter.

Anyway, I got home pretty early today and I got to spend more time with my dear daughter, chat with my mom in law, video called my parents, video called my mami (a bit unusual, but i felt like saying hi, so I did. Hehe) These are definitely something to be grateful of. So much love ❤️

On a side note. My husband hasn’t got home yet. Been missing him a lot lately.

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