Day 11 of 100 days of gratitude

Started the morning with a big smile from Alice. She woke up early in such a good mood 😘 Arrived at work late coz bfeeding Alice first. Hoho.. can I say it’s worth it? Should I feel guilty? :p

Oh! After craving for indomie since monday, I finally got to have one in the morning! 😆

Well, about work, these past few days we’ve been discussing about our deteriorating spirit and hopelessness. But yea, hopeless, nothing can be done. Hahaha.

Anyway.. It’s Thursday, as usual we worked until a bit late. Got home at 8ish, had KFC for dinner with my sis n mom in law, played with Alice, got her to sleep, fell asleep myself accidentally at (maybe) around 12, aaaand my dear hubby wasn’t home yet still. He finally reached home about 3am, and shortly after, Alice woke up. All smiles and giggles as if she’s been waiting for her dad to come home and play with her. Lol. But with her dad all exhausted, he fell asleep first and Alice only slept again around 4am. She wasn’t cranky at all though. She really is such an angel. A cheeky one, but an angel.

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