Day 9 of 100 days of gratitude

Starting the day annoyed.

My phone credit was charged for internet access despite having active renewed subscription. Tried to reach @myXLcare via twitter for solution, gave them screenshots of the message saying my paket data renewal was successful and the messages notifying of my credit cuts for using the internet HOURS afterwards. Despite all that, the CS said it’s my fault for accessing the internet while my sub wasn’t active yet. She said it was charged at 00:16am while my renewal happens at 3am something, which is ridiculous coz (1) I was asleep by midnight and definitely not sleepbrowsing, (2) I was connected to wifi at home, (3) the notification messages saying my credit was cut arrived at 7:22 onwards, which makes more sense coz that’s around the time I left home and got disconnected from my home wifi. After a few more messages I chose not to continue the pointless convo coz the twitter CS was not being helpful nor did she appear to understand the issue. By this point my credit was down to almost zero; they practically cut all the credit they can before starting to cut from my subscribed quota like they’re supposed to. Goodness whyyyy???

So I decided to go to XL center after work and get it resolved for real (playing scenarios of how I’m gonna make a scene until they return my credit).

Meanwhile, back to work, learning new random things and pumping. That’s the routine.

Aaaaand as though the universe conspires against me, close to the end of working hour, IT RAINED.

But I didn’t budge. Didn’t even bother looking at the gojek/grab app coz price must have skyrocketed and I don’t want to waste my luck in getting a driver during rainy jam bubaran. TransJakarta is the way to go. One of my friend took the route regularly, so I had a travel companion ❤️ It was raining alright, but thankfully one of my friend drives in the bus stop direction, so I got to come along. And thankfully again, the rain had somewhat stopped by the time I got off the car. Hohoho..

Minor issue: I forgot to change into my flatshoes. Yes, people, going up and down the bus stop on a 12cm heels wearing skirt: not ideal.

Another minor issue: xl center at LG floor is closed. ((NOOOOOOO)) but they moved up to the secluded 4th floor under a different name, XPLOR. ((Phew)) Had to travel up and down and around the mall to look for it, but it’s okay, at least I didn’t go there in vain.

I thought the process would be complicated and I feared that the CS at the counter would be just as unhelpful like the twitter CS, but omg it went SO SMOOTHLY. She simply checked the notification sms I received, confirm with (i think) the superior, open my account history and start to process my credit refund. ❤️ However, she had to manually recap the amount of credit that was cut, so she needed more time to do it, and also it’s gonna take 24h before I actually get the credit back. That’s okay tho. I appreciate it a lot. Now I wait. With a smile 😁.

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