Day 7 of 100 days of gratitude

Sunday: another family time! ❤️

The usual routine involves: waking up a tad too late, bathing alice n myself, getting ready for church, going to church, out to lunch and there onwards it’s usually quite something unplanned.

In today’s case it’s actually quite well thought out: Going to visit baby Richard, new nephew!

Oh, in the early early morning I’ve been meaning to pump coz I haven’t got enough stock for Alice to drink the next day. So I woke up quite early (well, not as early as I had hoped, but sufficient), aaaand coincidentally Alice too. 😂 pumping session was a tad more challenging coz she’s always fascinated by the pump parts; the machines, the tubes, the bottles, the milk 😅 luckily she’s somewhat half awake (and looking shoooooo cute!), so she woke up, hold a part in her hands, and back to sleep. Up again, play a bit with one of the parts, babbled, fell asleep again. And so on and so forth 😂

After I finished pumping she actually woke up for real. Bathe her with minimum hassle; she loves splishy splashy as usual. ❤️

Next, I needed to wrap a gift, coz after church we’re going to visit a cousin who had just given birth to a baby boy a couple of weeks ago (me and Alice caught a cold so we didn’t get to see them earlier). This… took a bit longer coz I am no expert at gift wrapping, and the gift is irregularly shaped. But it turned out quite okay, although I forgot to write anything on it. 😆

By the time I finished wrapping the gift, we’re practically late. And I haven’t even taken a bath. Hahahahaha.. eventually we ended up going to the other church which mass starts 30 mins later. And even that we arrived just in time for the first reading. Haha.

Went to Magal resto for lunch, and just realized that there are 2 different Magal in PIK, LOL. The place I visited is rather small but it’s tasty and cheaper. perfect!




Been drafting this post for hours and so confused midway coz having a fcked up day..

Yesterday was pretty good, really. Family day. Cute Alice, sweet hubby, minor bad mood coz of some last minute change of plans. But hey, good day still. Update on today later on.

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