I hope it’s just PMS

So disconnected. So lonely. So sad. So.. So.. Depressed.

Weird. Knowing that there are people who love you without a doubt, and that they’re here, but it feels really empty. Really lonely.

And then you came to them, hoping that they’ll fill in the gap.. But they didn’t. Then you became disappointed.. and somehow mad. Mad and sad. Sad mad. 

Mad at them, at yourself, at the whole situation. For not knowing what’s wrong and what to do next. Because they’re the closest people to your heart. They’re the best people you know. 

And then they got mad at you for being such a whiner. For being so ungrateful. For being so negative. For not feeling the love.

It’s not their responsibility to fill in the gap, of course. You’re supposed to get back on your feet, keep yourself together, know what you want, go for it, and, meanwhile, you know.. Just be happy.

Just be happy. So maybe put a smile on and make it believable.

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