One cool mom and a bad Uber driver

Just taught my mom how to use Uber. It’s kinda hard since she’s in Surabaya and I’m in Jakarta so i can’t really see what she’s doing and where she’s going. Add to that an extra data connection issue (not sure if it’s on since usually it’s always on wifi). Agak geregetan sih. Need to tell myself to be patient, be calm and not panic a couple of times. It’s worrisome because she’s alone at the airport.. And instead of taking regular taxi, she chose to use Uber and learn to use it on the spot. She didn’t give in even after 2 hours.. And she made it! Now she can order her own Uber. But yeah, 2 hours of long distance trial and error due to connection issue and learning curve. 😂

Unfortunately, she got a bad driver 😟 she’s supposed to ride for free since she’s using my code.. But the driver, having overheard our phone conversation, took advantage of it and convinced my mom to take longer ride since it’s free anyway (up to 75k). In the end it cost 98k in total.. and he even tried to ask my mom to pay for the remaining 23k in cash. Thankfully my mom knew that it’s charged on her CC so she didn’t pay him anything. Even worse, when my mom asked him if there’s anything she needs to do with the Uber app, he quickly tapped on my mom’s phone to give himself a 5-star. WTH!
I’ve been riding Uber for countless times and I know for myself that such poor service is out of Uber’s character. I’ve just filed a report detailing the incident, and I hope that, not only the ride be free, but also that he will be penalised for his act.. At least let me revise his rating to a 1-star. Piff. Me is SO MAD. 😤😤😤

Semoga mama ngga kapok.. Masih banyak orang baik koq.. (ya kan?) 😅

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