Kembali nyosmed

Jadi apa rasanya ngga buka Path, FB, IG, twitter selama sebulan lebih? Ngga tau. Soalnya gagal, kecolongan buka fb & twitter beberapa kali. Hahaha.. Yang berhasil full cuma Path, itupun karena diuninstall.

Jadi apa rasanya buka Path lagi setelah sebulan++? Hmm.. Felt like I’ve been missing out on a lot of things. I might have been unaware of my friend’s life updates which I could’ve commented/congratulated them for.. or at least communicate and keep up with them. So yeah, for a while there’s a strong urge to keep up with everything; I craved the extras. Meanwhile, I also realised that nothing was really lost; at least not that I know of. Life went on, I still hang out with friends, I still keep up with some of them. And honestly, I don’t think it matters whether I exist on these online platforms (kinda sad.. Don’t you guys missed me? No? 😅).

As for the effects of staying (mostly) offline.. I’d say it’s been quite refreshing. I became more aware of my surroundings, I saved up battery life and my internet quota as well. I also tend to stay in the moment and absorb every second of it instead of busy taking pictures and thinking of the caption that goes with it. And as you can see, I’ve been writing on WP and another journal way more too! 😆 Ah, yes, it turns out that my blog post is automatically publicised on Path as well, so several people actually responded to it and I absolutely had no idea (sorry!).

Will I go offline again? Probably not.. The missing out part is kinda true in certain cases. But I will definitely limit the use of it.. Like once or twice a day maybe? And then use the rest of my free time to actually reach out to my family and friends and personally bug them, if I haven’t. That sounds like a good and doable plan, I think 😳.

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