McDonald’s Bubur Ayam

This is probably the first time I walked into McD Indonesia during breakfast hour. So yeah, i’m not sure how long Bubur Ayam has been on the menu, but this is the first time I tried it and I quite liked it.


It’s a quite fulfilling potion of thick porridge (cooked with chicken broth/flavouring and salt, i believe) with some shredded McD’s chicken breast (I assume), sunny side egg, fried shallots, and those little savory crunchy crackers. The taste is undoubtedly Indonesian, especially with the shallots and the thicker texture compared to the Chinese version, and yes I liked it better, but it definitely is not strong enough a rival to the yummy local bubur ayam street vendors. :p

The price is quite reasonable considering the portion, the service, the hygiene and restaurant ambience.. A set of bubur ayam & hot coffee costs only Rp. 20000 (incl. tax, that’s GBP 1 or USD 1.5, hahaha)

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