My better half


Like in storybooks, I can still remember the day I met him.. And our first date. Well, not with much details, but I remember how happy and excited I was even until the next day, telling my colleagues that I think I’ve found a perfect man. Yep, someone who actually fulfills my ridiculously detailed list of criteria πŸ’ƒ

Well, i didn’t go full crazy with my list. I noted the necessities and added my quirky preferences.. I never expected a handsome prince with a white horse, nor the modern equivalent; a young heir/businessman with fancy (white?) car. Afterall, I’m no princess myself. (And heck.. who needs a prince when you can get Mickey 😁)

Like any other couple, we hit a couple of bumps. And although the list was already ridiculously detailed, some days I thought that I could have added some more to it. Like during those times he suddenly went MIA without texting me for hoursss.. Or the times he chose to spend playing games rather than going out, takeaways over romantic dinner, for the lack of couple stuff, flowers, rings or something.. But.. yea, I’d probably end up with a list as long as toilet rolls and it would still lack something somewhere.

And looking back at the old list, there’s nothing wrong with it; the list is good and he is totally fine. He is kind, faithful, a family man, a leader, he has a deep voice, broad shoulders, some muscles.. You know, that manly man look. Haha. He is taller than me even when I’m on high heels, has chinky eyes, wears glasses, thick lips, and even the diiimpleesss.. Haa.. So spot on. πŸ˜†πŸ˜† He is smart, open-minded, well educated, speaks good English with good accent (ha!), he’s into games and comics, doesn’t smoke, drink occasionally.
He is the perfect embodiment of my list.. And some more, actually. 😁

He loves me for who I am, but he also pushes me to grow and achieve my dreams (no, not the disney, rainbows and unicorn one.. But he’s okay with that too, i think :p). He doesn’t mind watching cartoons with me and avoid horror movies.. He’s even willing to be my dancing partner 😍. Also, he’s not a picky eater and finishes his food clean (YES THIS IS IMPORTANT!). He’s open about anything from the very beginning (funny story, not so funny back then), and our relationship and future plan is centered on both of us; not just him, not just me. And he showed me that I can and SHOULD do the same. Turns out that –most of the time– whatever is missing on my list can be fulfilled if I just SAY IT (you know how we tend to use telepathy and ‘sign language’ in conveying our wants.. Secretly wanting it and let down by our own expectations. Haha.) Ah.. Long story short, he knows me well. He brings me closer to God. He feels like home.

He is the best thing I never knew I needed. ❀

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