Thanks be to God and the guardian angels He had surrounded me with:

Mama, papa, koko, titi, honey.. Being at home surrounded by them is definitely a huge help. Proper comfort and shelter through rough times and emotional breakdowns, consultants during periods of writer’s block.. And the constant reminder (nags) and ‘house arrest’, they do help.. a lot πŸ˜›.

Friends, oh wow.. Every single one of you who had asked how my dissertation is going, that alone is helping πŸ˜‚. Especially those who had helped me connect with the interviewees or become one (Renata, Irene, Andri, Wily, Wor, Fika, Thika, Metta, koko, ko bengwe, & Fany.. Thank youuu!!). And huge thanks to Dorothy, who had gone through the trouble of printing+binding my paper, travelled to my campus and made my hard copy submission (and this picture) possible!

Oh.. And it turns out my supervisor is great; so helpful and fast!

It’s officially done! πŸ™Œ
4 days earlier; so not me.. Indeed, as I said, it’s all thanks to them ☝☝

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