So loved

I consider myself lucky to have met him and loved by him.
He’s not the most sensitive or attentive man, but when I need him most, say the word and he’s there.
He would spare his time just for me, watch movies that I like (yes, so we watch cartoons), eat things that I like (thankfully he likes to eat too). Today we watched Home, by the way. The other day we watched Big Hero 6. I also made him watch Meet the Robinsons on Netflix. All that.. And I still can’t even remember his favourite movies, actors or even games. ><"

I'm not the easiest girl to deal with.. Me and my mood swings. But he knows exactly just how to counter it without pampering me too much. He's comforting but he also keeps me on track at the same time.

I'm babbling. I can't really put it in words just how right it feels to be with him.

I admire this man a lot.. and I love him. 🙂

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