Just came across some accounts who still deny Jokowi as their president. They are SO confident, SO persistent, and thus SO loud with their rejection it makes me wonder; what kind of brainwashing process have they been through?? It’s almost as if they’re bewitched into believing that prabowo is an avatar or messiah or something, fighting against an evil planning to destroy the world (starting with Indonesia).. and for them, the war isn’t over yet.

At some point, it makes me think.. is it them or is it me who was brainwashed? Am I the blind one here?
Why can’t I see the way they see it??

Another thing that makes me wonder.. out of the hundreds of people that I know, probably only 3-4 people choose prabowo. It’s either I should probably expand my social network by a LOT more.. or I should be grateful that I’m surrounded by the right people. Or maybe they’re all wrong. We’ll see.

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