Goodbye XL Xtra!

I have been an XL user for more than 10 years, I think. Unfortunately, when I went to Sydney, I forgot to top up my credit n eventually lost it. My big brother went through such case in the past and he managed to revive his old number, with the condition that he has to turn it into post paid. Since i plan to leave the country again for another year, I decided to let go of my old number and move on. However, I still opted for XL to be my service provider, because according to my experience, the signal is pretty strong, the inet connection is pretty stable, and almost all my friends and family members use XL anyway. What I don’t remember is that its ads.. omg its sms ads.. it’s a lot, it’s annoying, and some of its content give me goosebumps.


Thank goodness it can be stopped! I really appreciate the fact that XL is pretty straightforward and open about this. For those who have had enough of those sms ads, here’s a cure:
– Dial *200*300#, choose option ‘3. Berhenti’
– Via SMS to 300, type Berhenti/Henti/Stop/Unreg
– Call ‘XL Call Center’ 817 and tell them you want to opt out from Xtra service.
– Dial *321#, choose option ‘4. Cek Informasi Gratis Xtra’, choose option ‘1. Berhenti’.


I’ve just tried it a couple of minutes ago.. not sure if it’ll remove all the ads, but let’s hope for the best.

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