Just a small reminder

So.. my bf and I went to mall kelapa gading for a movie marathon. As we drove closer to the shopping mall, my attention was affixed at the imax sign.
Me: ha.. I didn’t know there’s imax here
Bf: oh.. (while concentrating on the road as he drive)

*long pause*

Bf: wait.. there’s no way you don’t know this imax. Do you remember superman?
Me: . . .
Bf: Do you even remember that you’ve watched it?
Me: umm.. (picturing superman and kryptonites) Now that you mentioned it… i think i did.
Bf: you think? Do you remember with whom you were watching it with?
Me: err.. honestly.. nope.
Bf: seriously?
Me: (confused and laughing awkwardly)
Bf: seriously??
Me: (more confused look and awkward laugh)
Bf: Honey! you watched it at imax with me and my gforce friends
Me: riiiight (burst into laughter)

And the story went on. Even as we walked in, I honestly couldn’t remember that there is a new ticket counter further inside the cinema until I actually stepped in there. (I almost turn left to the old counter with the long queue)

And that’s a bit of the background story to this post. Just so I can convince myself that I watched these movies.


We also had this at hong tang


…and that’s him busy with his games :p

Ha.. my brain needs some extensive exercise.

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