There are questions I asked myself. I have doubts and worries. I have troubles and discomfort. I have my insecurities and I don’t always agree with the people around me. When problems arise, it’s so much easier to walk away. Facing it requires lots of effort.. and even more courage. And that does not even guarantee that it will be resolved. But as the wise men said, trying doesn’t guarantee success, but giving up guarantees failure.

My question would be.. how many tries shall you give before you give it up and let it go? How do you know if it’s worth holding on to?

And it gets even more complicated when it comes to relationships. Between two beings.. with changes you can’t control and sometimes don’t even see coming; problems from oneselves, between each other and from the others.. with variables too much to comprehend. But it may be easier too because, in relationships with other beings, you communicate with each other. You CAN find out what’s in their mind. You CAN communicate your thoughts and feelings. You CAN discuss and compromize things.
You can, but will you? And even when you do, does he?

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