Hello world

Let’s start the post with a news headline:

Christian woman Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, eight months pregnant, sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to convert to Islam

Source: http://www.news.com.au/world/christian-woman-meriam-yahia-ibrahim-ishag-eight-months-pregnant-sentenced-to-death-by-hanging-for-refusing-to-convert-to-islam/story-fndir2ev-1226919496629

For five minutes, discard all the religious teachings that you have ever heard.

For five minutes, be humble, be selfless, open your mind.

I am not defending or condemning any of the religion, but let’s put our ego aside and read the story from a perspective. Wipe out the name of the religions or maybe  change it to other religions you can think of.. or perhaps switch them like this:

Islam woman Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, eight months pregnant, sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to convert to Christian

Now tell me, why would you kill the mother of the innocent child?

She fell in love, she got married and got pregnant.. and what? did I miss anything here? did she happen to kill someone and it’s not announced anywhere in the world? Whoa people.

I’m completely mind blown. I can not grasp the rationale.


I was completely ignorant about this thing.. for all I cared:

If believing in God makes you a better person, then believe in God.

If believing in science makes you a better person, then go and believe science.

If having faith in a religion makes you a better person, then stick to your religion.

If you think you know better than any of those groupies, cults and religions on how to be better, then go ahead and be better whatever it takes.

As long as you don’t harm anyone else.

I agree with the golden rule of not doing to others what you wouldn’t want others to do unto you. Turns out not everyone is with me.


Not so long ago, a friend told me a story about a girl. This girl, he said, was different with any other girls he had met before; she looks innocent, pure with no evil intention in her heart.. it seems like only good will beams out of her. I was pretty amazed at hearing this because this friend of mine usually know how to sort the pretentious and fakes from the genuine ones.. so if it’s wrong, I can’t believe how naive he is!! But if his judgement is true.. this girl can be the next Mother Theresa! lol XD~

As the story goes, it is still true; what seems to gleam out of her is good will… one problem: it’s only directed to herself. This girl turns out to be so self-centered and so narcissistic that she would probably build a temple to get worshiped if possible. And what my friend thought of her was true as well, there’s no evil intention that he can sense from her, because whatever thing it is that benefits her is not evil. If you lose your job because you skipped work so much to accompany her, you are worthy. If you rob a bank to buy her jewelries, you are worthy. If you kill a man to prove your love, you are worthy.

Will she love you back and do those things for you? hell no.  No matter how many mountains you moved she will never be satisfied. What you did is just a part of what she thinks she deserves and she’s not obliged to do anything in return.

Getting trampled that hard after lavishing her with all his love.. never had it crossed his mind that such pure evil exist.

Neither did it ever crossed mine until I decided to actually see.


Twisted world.. if whatever you believe in causes you to lose your humanity, perhaps it’s time to reappraise.


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