What’s normal? What’s correct? What’s true?

Doesn’t it all seem vague now.. when the normal was rejected because it’s too mainstream, and the anti-mainstream, ironically, becomes mainstream.

Now, which is what again? I’m kinda lost at that part.

Rebellion; most people went through that phase. So sick of getting pushed around to do this and that by our parents, doing what the society wants us to do, getting pressures from people’s expectations out of us.. and then we snap.

Yeap, we snap.

We do exactly the opposite of what we’re taught, just because we don’t want to be defined by the others.

We want to be ourselves! O yea we do! We have every right to do so! who the heck are you to tell us what to do?!

And who wouldn’t agree? We have every right to live our lives the way we want to. We have every right to do what makes us happy. Here’s the tricky part: what truly makes us happy?

Duh, I don’t know, what I know is I wasn’t happy with all that nagging and dragging.

You know what, perhaps it’s not being ‘normal’ and/or ‘good’ that you dislike.. perhaps it’s those nags, those drags, those pressures, those criticisms.. Perhaps it’s their attitudes and their ways that we despise, not the values they feed us.

What people (let’s say parents) expect out of us, those are usually admirable things. Things so big and great we are so scared of failing to achieve.

Perhaps it is the fear that we despise. The fear we felt upon realizing how small and how far we are from their vision of us.

Perhaps it is that small, weak and seemingly incompetent us that we despise.


For whatever reason it is that urge us to rebel, be reminded that it is normal, and it is expected, to have expectations built upon us.. and it can actually be some sort of motivation to some people. But, again, what they expect may not be what we dream of and, yes, we can reject their visions and pursue ours. Be it mainstream or not, why should we care? I thought it’s about finding ourselves. :p

You may want to explore your options and try different things, that’s a good thing, but remember your goal and try not to lose yourself. Sort carefully and think of the consequences — there’s no undo button in real life.



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