Drawing lines and picking colors

I’ve been too indecisive lately. Seriously. I guess I got distracted, forgot my initial plan, detoured and, eventually, got lost.

And so I’m lost.

(ha.. perhaps I should start noting things down again on daily basis to keep this brain working)

See, unlike schools I want to attend or places I want to go, I can’t decide on who I will cross path with.

Unlike schools I want to attend or places I want to go, they have their own thoughts and plans that will interfere with my plan.

I lost my focus while trying to keep them in the picture.

I forgot that they’re not what I draw. They’re the ones who draw the picture with me.

They gave me colors. I let them doodle and I sit there and watch.

And then they scribbled. And then they go.

And I just sit there and watch.


I forgot that I can’t make them stay if they don’t want to stay.

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