2013: Alien me

I have an interesting life, I’d say.

Not the most comfortable or fascinating or fun, but definitely interesting.

I don’t usually have a list of resolutions when I enter a new year, neither did I make one when I enter 2013. But a lot of things had happened throughout 2013. Well, I can’t exactly remember what happened, but yea I can check my facebook, twitter, path, etc. and trace back the breadcrumbs. This year I kinda flipped my world around and am still struggling to get a new balance (and maybe flip it again afterwards). πŸ˜€

Here are the things that I accomplished in 2013:

  • I went to Pontianak with my mom, dad and brothers (first family trip in years πŸ˜€ )
  • I went to Medan (for a friend’s wedding, and it was AWESOME!)
  • I went to Surabaya a couple of times and met my lil nieces and nephews (I love every visit that I made there ❀ )
  • I went to Thailand (it’s just for biz trip, but it was really fun πŸ˜€ )
  • I went to Bali (again it’s for biz trip and a short getaway, but this was also the first time I went to a club and party! and also, my beau came :”>)
  • I went to Sydney for holiday (self-funded! yay!)
  • I went to Tokyo (self-funded again! yay!)
  • I got so ridiculously drunk that I lost my phone. first jackpot too! woohoo! (hmm.. maybe i should have kept this one low)
  • I met the man I’ve been looking for and am loving the family too ^^
  • I applied for a scholarship for the first time (WISH ME LUCK!!!)
  • I volunteered in Jakarta’s first marathon event
  • I joined a 10k run and another fun run event
  • I resigned from my 2 years job (it was a really great place and I was surrounded by grrreat people; choosing and actually letting go is hard.. so it is an accomplishment)
  • I am living abroad on my own
  • I applied to hundreds of places for a job online and door to door, and got rejected countless times (wiiii)
  • I had a one shift trial as a kitchen hand (yes, I did the dishes, learned how to use the commercial dishwasher, swept, mop and scrub the floor, wipe all surfaces, and made some chicken schnitzel as well)… in the end I got cheated and didn’t get paid, but I learned something πŸ™‚
  • I had a one shift trial in the kitchen of a sourdough artisan bakery cafe in the production area. Didn’t do much, and didn’t get called back so far, but being there and watching them work is pretty cool. Besides, I got 2 cups of free flat white :p
  • I worked at Nando’s as a kitchen all rounder. I learned how to cook, chop and grill the chicken, make wraps, pitas, burgers, coleslaw, etc. (wiiiii)
  • I am working at a pretty awesome lil cafe and also at a fine dining restaurant. I am still learning, but the direction is right so i’m putting this one in! I am super scared and excited at the same time.
  • Oh.. and this is also the year where I had my hair super long and curly, and then shorter, and then even shorter that I look super handsome! mwahahhahaha..

The things I did and the things I do, most if not all of them are done on my own will. But it will not be possible if it wasn’t because of my family and friends who has been supporting me all the way.

Thank God for the good year, good companions and the good people I crossed path with. ~❀

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