To my beloved papa & mama

Thank you so much for your struggle and hardwork for the past 24 years and counting.

Thank you so much for the neverending support and guidance and lots of lots of love that you have showered me.

Especially to my mama, thank you so much for carrying me around in your belly for the 9-10 months.. and risking your life to give birth to me 24 years ago. I know I was a naughty one, thank you for keeping me still.
This is the commemmoration of your achievement.. this is your day.

I was too selfish. Wanting to set my own milestone and leave for my own adventure before I turn 24, I say.. and here I am in Sydney.
2 dozens, you say. This is not my milestone.. this is yours.

I’m so sorry. I really wish I can kiss you and hug you right now.

I love you both with all my heart.

Your daughter,


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