Janice Naomi Citra, S. Ars. — Marketing Analyst

GraduatoA lot of people were skeptical with the idea that my career path completely “detoured” from my “now-wasted” title from the very first step. But I believe that those titles, proudly glimmering behind our names, are not meant to constrain us. They are suppose to accessorize and highlight our names; not to overshadow it.

I was functioning well even before that hours of classes in that 4 years course.

I lived and learned for 17 years and added a 4-years of architectural studies in it. It’s an add-on!

The fact that I become a marketing research analyst in a petrochemical company, I think it’s one of the coolest thing I’ve ever done! It has almost been two years, and let me brag a little about this: I do well and I’m happy.

I learned a hell lot of new things; I’m finally back in touch with science (my long long long abandoned passion), I am forced to read newspapers and learn about all these commerce subjects that I avoided throughout my whole school life.

It feels grrreat to be able to do what you’re not taught to do. You know, to get acknowledged, trusted and be on par with the people you admired.. it’s.. THAT feeling. I feel awesome! And I can’t possibly do this without the encouragement and unfathomable support from a great team and great leaders. 😀

But, oh, the office politics.. dealing with those show-offs, butt-kissers and cynics (and trying hard not to be one), it’s like i have to meditate and practice my zen during office hour (and fail miserably at times). Those twists and turns, some started out pleasant and some not, they surprise me every time. And I like it like that. ♥

It truly is a great experience to have.. and I don’t plan to stop there.

My point here is: geez, i don’t know.. maybe i’m just bragging. Mwahahahahaha  Ψ(`▽´)Ψ

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