To My Guardian Angels

I know, and I am truly grateful, that I am surrounded by such wonderful people who love me tremendously.
Ones who really care about my safety and well-being, ones who would go through all the troubles to pave my path.


I understand that you are worried.

I understand that what you did was for my own good.

I understand that, in your eyes, I will always be a baby girl.

And yes I can see where that came from; I’m forgetful and careless at (most) times, I seem to do things randomly and abruptly — and with all these, I might have contributed a big proportion to your most-terrifying-moments-in-life.
I have overlooked your concerns, and that’s my bad.


I’m not saying that things have changed, nope, but I’m trying my best to do better.


My dearest guardian angels,
please appreciate my effort; let me take responsibility of my own life.
Let me pave my own path and make my own walk.

Rest your wings and relax, my angels. Have a little faith in me.



I love you.

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