gloomy sky, gloomy mood

I think it’s been around 45 minutes, but the dentist queue hasn’t shorten by even one person. Browsed through my phone and files, and I’ve just realized that I do not have any games in it. ==” so here I blog again.

I can’t quite remember what I’ve posted before this and when, but anyways, let me just start with whatever I have in mind right now.

So far, it’s been an interesting and active week. I took my annual leave on Monday and did some interesting stuff that’ll probably only happen once in my life. Hahahaha.. It was a good experience overall 🙂 back from there, I waited for my big bro to pick me up at CP, met Norman, Linda and Pola there, managed to keep myself from shoe shopping temptation (ugh). I am broke til the rest of the month thanks to an impulsive shopping spree on Sunday.

On Tuesday, I spent half day for an annual plastic thingy conference before working as per normal for 2-3 hours. I ate a lot there! Damn you buffet style lunch!
But I think I paid it back with the following 45mins run, 10mins skipping, a kickboxing session and 45mins quickstep. Hahahaha..
Too bad my knuckles are still wounded from last week’s punches that I didn’t get to punch yesterday. 😦

Today, I went to Cilegon again to assist some guests. Spent a total of 5-6 hours on the road in total. Slept aaaall the way back and fro. (I blame it on the intense workout yesterday. Lol) ate a lot again thanks tu buffet style lunch (damn, what’s up with my self control?!), but unfortunately, I can’t burn these calories today since I have to go to the dentist.

And doh.. It’s been an hour plus and my name’s still not called yet. x(

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