Flood, flood, flood – I love you still, Jakarta

I bet most of you have heard the news; Jakarta is paralyzed by flood since yesterday. The main roads are blocked, access are cut off everywhere, people are trapped in their homes, offices, or even on the roads.
Lucky for me, I was home when it all happened. I can choose no better place than to be stuck here, really. It’s pretty much dry, the electricity is still on, we got enough food, clean water, and oh all hail the internet! XD~

Let me not bore you about Jakarta’s situation. It’s a mess – google will tell you everything about it. It’s all over the news too! Apparently, this flood has a way of making itself famous worldwide. In my head I can imagine them saying: Timing is the key, my friend.. Let us keep our cool and wait until.. OH THE PRESIDENT OF ARGENTINA IS COMING! ATTAAACK!

Hahahahahaha.. Really, it came THAT sudden. Unannounced. With a BOOM.

But there were these news that intrigued me; some parents actually bring their kids out to the CBD (I know, it’s kinda rare to see the city’s main economic center turns into a swimming pool). It’s a ‘free entertainment’, they said. The Jakartans certainly know how to have fun and stay positive in almost every situation! =))

You can see kids swimming, splashing and playing around, people waving cheerfully at the camera (I’m on TV! I’m on TV! Yaaayyy!), neighbors chit chatting, helping each other, singing together at the evacuation area.. It’s not a common thing to see in this Greater Jakarta. 🙂

At first I was sceptical and very concerned with how they entertain themselves with the newly owned swimming pools. I mean, don’t these parents know that the water is really really dirty? The water’s brown, murky and definitely yuck! Who knows what’s in there?? It’s gonna make the children ill! But.. Humm.. It looks like fun. And hey, I bet it is! I did that too when I was a kid! Hahahaha.. XD~

I thought it was gonna be two intense and gloomy days, but from what it looks like from most of the news, the only things looking intense were those faces of the news anchors and reporters. 😉

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