Jakarta, Jakarta. <3 (first mobile post!)

Hello! I’m currently stuck in a veeerryy bad traffic jam so I’m updating this blog from my mobile phone! Haha.. Thank goodness I don’t drive :p

Today’s weather is really ‘lovely’! it was raining hard last night, so some areas in jakarta was flooded. But again, thank goodness my house and my office was okay, and even my journey to Cilegon went smoothly too! 😀

FYI, Cilegon is where my site-office is. It’s about 2 hours drive from Jakarta.
I was supposed to go there for a meeting appointment last week, but it was cancelled because the road was flooded and closed. It was baaadly congested that people got stuck there for hours (some spent 10+ hours on the road!). Lucky for me, I received early notice about the road condition and decided to postpone the meeting to today 😀

The traffic in jakarta always got worsen on rainy days. Especially if the rain happens during rush hour — like today! Woohoo!
A journey that usually take 30 minutes can take 2 hours, depending on which areas you passed by. So always, I repeat, ALWAYS be ready with snacks and drinks in the car.. And probably an empty bottle or plastic bag to pee XD

But it’s not a bad day for me. In fact, this rainy weather reminds me to be veeery grateful. Yes it was raining hard and the traffic was aaaawful, but I’m sitting in a car comfortably (my brother’s the one driving in pain. *LOL*), blogging, listening to the radio, eating candy.. My house is not flooded, the electricity is still on. And heeyy.. I’m hooomeee! 😀 😀

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