Target: 55

I made a bet with my dad! He’s gonna get me a car if I’m down to 55kg by April. 😀

It kinda sounds like a mission impossible, but i got to do it anyways.. if I lose, I owe him my whooole salary til the end of the year. That is 8 months salary!!

I’m not sure why I did this to myself. but there’s no way out but to lose weight!

加油, 周英!!


oh! I started going to my old ballroom dancing class again 🙂 this time it’s quite a routine again. My tutor said that if all goes well, we can go compete on April (woohoo!). This, by the way, was the main reason  why I’m trying to lose some serious amount of weight. x___x

Yesterday he taught us a new quickstep choreography. Quickstep is soooo fast-paced and fun! I think I burned the same amount of calories as a 30 minutes treadmill, but 10x the fun! 😀 We’re not even done with waltz.. but I think he’s trying to get us do both so I can lose weight faster! hahahahha..

Well, wish me luck! A lot of it! XD~

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