(This is supposed to be posted on Friday night, but I didn’t manage to even click post and passed out XD~)

Today’s quote:
It doesn’t really matter how bad it might have started, what matters most is how you end it.

I had a grrreat day! Woohoo!

Earlier this morning I wouldn’t say that. The day started baaaddly.. The weekly meeting material was messed up, there’s a problem with the internal network n firewall that screwed up an extremely important software, the IT guy sucks, I forgot my account book, there’s another impromptu meeting to attend, and a job deadline that I failed to fulfill.. Not to mention that I was still upset about my current situation.

But today’s karaoke session totally paid them all off! No words can describe the scene I witnessed. XD

Going out with my colleagues has never failed to cheer me up.. It reminds me of the reason to hold on 🙂

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