Almost a Monthery

*BEWARE! Super long post coming through*

Hello! It’s been 3 weeks since my last post.. I seriously have some commitment and discipline issue. –”

Ok, I will not be giving excuses this time. I’m just gonna be noting down what I’ve been doing (or what I can manage to remember) in these past weeks. XD~ let’s just trace it backward and let the freshest one spill out:

Today I have finally made the decision to drop my sidejob. It’s a tough decision to make.. And I’m pretty sure I’ve let my employer down by backing off in such a short notice. But, just like my lack of commitment to this blog, I’ve also abandoned my sidejob for far too long. I was so caught up and stressed out with my main job that I ignored everything else. Literally everything else. I haven’t hit the gym or cook or write blog, read books in weeks!! I barely twit as much, and even my foursquare point has flunked. :p anyways, I felt sorry for my dear employer.. I appologize for being so irresponsible and for submitting works sooo late and even gave no update.
Lesson learned: I’m not a good multitasker. I need to focus. I have to focus. 😦

The reason for my brain blackout was mainly the resignation of my mentor. He had officially moved out as per this month. I’ve been spending the last 3 weeks struggling to learn to take over his duties. (11 years of experience compared to my 1 year here?? Geeezz, I vaguely had any idea what I’m supposed to do in the office) For this purpose, we travelled to Bandung on the 12th-13th of Nov and to Solo-Magelang-Semarang on the 19th-21st of Nov to meet the customers. It was reeaaally tiring, but was really fun too! It was such an honor to know these great people! 😀

Refer to my last 2 posts.. You’ll be able to see how petrified and stressed out I was, and am.. Though it’s much better now that I can focus on 1 job 🙂

Anywaaaayss, fun part! I was officially 23 years old as of the 21st of November. I was out in Semarang on my birthday eve.. It’s my first birthday eve away from my friends and family, but it wasn’t so bad, really! During my biz trip there, we stayed in Crowne Plaza Hotel.. One of the (if not the most) prestigious hotel in town *i have no idea why the company booked us that hotel*.
Aaanddd, they upgraded my room from deluxe to suite for free because they were fully occupied. So I got to stay in a suite on my birthday eve! How cool is that?! Mwahahahahahaha..
Well, due to the super tight schedule there I only got to stay in the room for bath and 6 hours of sleep, but still! Mwahahahahahahaha..

I went back to Jakarta on the 21st too, there was no celebration, or dinner or cake or whatevs.. But I still got to spend it with my family, so it was pretty awesome. 😉

On that day my family n I were busy packing up to leave for Singapore on the 22nd. Crazy schedule, ey??
I still went to the office on that day, but I left at 4.30 to catch my plane. Super dilligent right?? What an employee! Hahahahaha..
Thank goodness I came coz my sweet friends at work had prepared me a birthday cake!! It was the super yummy chocolate cake that I reeeaaallyy love from Manon. Awwhh, thank you guys soooo much! 😀
They also carried out a farewell lunch for my mentor on that day because I wouldn’t be able to attend his farewell karaoke party on the 23rd :(( *damn I missed the party*
But I really do appreciate them for having that early farewell lunch to attend to my schedule 🙂 that was so sweet! They are awesome 🙂

Aaa.. Let me end this post here for now. I’ll post about the singapore trip some other time :”>

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