Pardon the lame title.. it’s just that it’s been a week since my last post and i think i should update my diary entry as much as I can.

Call this an excuse, but I had one heck of a busy stressful week. Last week I found out that my senior’s officially resigning within a month time. I didn’t and don’t intend to remember the date and prefer not to write about it because the news just overwhelmed me. I’ll get into the details some other time.

Anyways.. for that reason, these past few days had been quite harsh.  I can literally feel my head pounding because of the sudden crazy workload and responsibility. Seriously crazy. (Just the week before, I can go to the office and not do anything and no one would know.)

Still about work, last Friday I came to the weekly meeting unprepared; my head was one step too fast ahead to the next meeting for that afternoon. I didn’t read the news nor did I know the market updates and trends.. which was the one biggest sin a marketing analyst can possibly do. I swear to myself; I won’t do it ever again. It’s time to get real serious this time ><"

Still on grieving mode, this weekend I didn't cook anything. Instead, I went out with my bro. On Saturday, we had a 2-hour karaoke session before picking up my sister from the airport. Her plane got delayed for more than 6 hours.. so we reached home at about 01:30am and go straight to bed.
Two and a half hour later I received a wakeup call from Raymon.. we had a marathon race to complete and we have to reach the venue at 5:30. Yes, that Sunday, I only had a 2 hours and 30 mins of sleep.. But I was psyched! It’s my first 5K marathon race!! Woohoo! 😀

I registered for this race a month ago simply because I just wanted to. I also had both my brothers registered for the race, but unfortunately my big bro’s business trip was extended so he couldn’t make it; thus Raymon.

The starting point was at Monas; it was packed with runners and bikers and streetvendors and maybe just passerbys. To my surprise, there were a lot of foreigners who joined. *what a refreshing view* :))

Norman, a friend who is a regular CFD biker, managed to spot me in between the school of runners when i ran passed bunderan HI! What a great eyesight! Salute! XD


My colleagues joined the race too! 😀

Overall, it was so much fun!! I am so looking forward for the next running event ^^

After the race, me, my bro n Raymon went to Bakmi Metro for lunch. (Not the best noodle in town, but it was ok, and the siomay was great.) We went home, i chatted with mom n sis n took a nap before going to MOI to watch Skyfall (it was an 8/10 for me) with Livia, Uwi and Rita.. (this is my first time meeting Uwi and Rita; they are Livia’s colleague in Agung Podomoro. they graduated from Unbra and Undip) it was a pleasure knowing these girls! 😀
During dinner, I also got a chance to meet Chris, Uwi’s uni friend who works at Pru, who also happens to be Mark’s n Xena’s (my uni friends) junior high schoolmate. :))

On Monday, my dad, lil bro n big sis picked me up from work. We went to CP to show my sis around and had dinner at Kitchenette. I ordered Nicholas Galette, which was basically a savory crepe topped with meatballs, a bit of vegies, pepperoni, pork bacon, and thin slices of salmon, smothered with original chilli sauce. (I love it! 8.5/10). Dad’s grilled chicken, lol bro’a nasi goreng and sis’ crispy chicken something were also good. I definitely would love to come back for more food tasting 😉


Nicholas Galette

And as for today’s highlight, my senior introduced me to some new people from the plastic industry. I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to get to know these awesome people 🙂

There goes this week’s update!
I know it’s a long and unappealing post, and I know it may not be interesting to you, but it is important to me to keep track.
Hopefully I’ll be done sulking soon and will be back with more interesting updates. 🙂

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